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Top 23 Unique and Creating Ideas for Twig crafts

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Do you have dry twigs and branches in your home? I do have, and you know! what I do? I used to make twig crafts from them. All these dry twigs and branches have an antique character in them. Just a little bit of spray paint, unique assembling and a simple white background can be added to this character which enhances the overall beauty of these art pieces.If you have dry wood pieces in your home, just collect them, choose any idea from this article and have artistic fun.

Here are 23 really very unique and artistic ideas to have fun with dry twigs, branches and wood pieces.

Let's dive in!

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The most unique idea to use dry twigs and branches is the framing of a mirror. You just need to collect twigs of different sizes and put them around the mirror with the help of glue gun. Pinterest has many new ideas about the framing technique with twigs and branches. These frames can be put around any picture, an art piece or even around the sides of glass table too.
<img src="sprayed branches .png" alt=" Branches over wood plates">
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A tree like bunch of dry twigs or branches is available in every autumn. The best idea to use this bunch is to attach it over the rustic wood plates. In order to make this twig craft, you need three rustic wood plates of same width but with different height. Arrange them according to your preference. Now color the available bunch with  any spray paint and firmly attach over the wood plates with glue gun and it's ready.

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To follow this idea, you need to draw an imaginative frame on the wall where you want to make this craft. Then finely cut all the twigs so that they don't have any other branch popping out from them in a way that you have all the twigs with almost same width and height. Now, attach all these branches one by one within the imaginative frame with glue gun and that's it. Here, you have an Art piece without frame but with abstract boundaries.

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Star crafting is the easiest idea for the use of twigs. To make twig's star, you need just 5 finely trimmed branches, a piece of rope and a decorative flower bunch. Assemble all the branches in the form of star and tightly secure the ends with rope. Now, attach this star over the door or any entrance wall of your home to make it feel an antique house.

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Fall Style Crafting Fall Landscape Old Frame is a very unique idea for recycling purpose. In order to make this idea you need any old frame, two paper sparrows(optional) and some dry twigs and branches. Attach all the branches inside the frame in upward direction. Tie a rope and paste paper sparrows over that and here the craft is ready.

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Etsy share a wonderful idea of using dry wood branches or twigs. To make this craft you will need any ornamental glass, any lace or a piece of burlap and some twigs. Put all the twigs around the glass with the help of glue gun and rape the burlap piece over the twigs making a striking tie.

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Trendehouse share this unique and funny house wall decorative. Any tree like bunch of dry branches can be used in this crafting. You have to put some lights behind every branch and you can attach this craft over any wall or door. In the evening, it will create the splendid view.

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There are many ideas of making things out of drift wood. A unique assembling of drift woods can create a unique craft. As a first step, attach a few candles at the top end of branches and aeemble all these in a distinctive manner. Here, your craft is ready.

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Twig's alphabetics is the easiest craft made from wood drifts. Draw imaginative alphabetic of your choice and fill it with all available twigs and branches.         You can attach a few flowers over this alphabet. This craft is very useful for woodland nursery decors and make the learning activity very easy for children.

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The interior is the most interesting but difficult part of home decor but really thanks to autumn which give us the splendid craft idea. Take a tree like dry branch and divide it into three equal pieces. Put equal size frame over each part of cuttings and make it fix with the help of glue gun. Now, it's your choice to attach it in straight or angular appearance.

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Cut whole dry plant within imaginative frame boundaries and paste it over a wall. It enhances the overall look of your room. This craft can be sprayed  in any color according to the choice of room interior.

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DIY creative and inspiring Christmas trees is the only idea of this kind. Just collect twigs of different sizes put one by one in crisscross manner from largest to smallest at the upper end. Put a star, a flower, a cone like hat or any other antique piece above this and here, your Christmas craft is ready.

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If you are a crochet lover then this craft is for you. you can do crochet work within a square made of twigs and branches. This tumbler can be spice up with feathers, tassels and some ornaments.

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Only a single twig can also be used to make an eye-catching craft. You just need a few nails, a spray paint and your favorite photo frames. First of all, attach twig at the wall. Then use nails to attach frames at different places. Here's a very tricky point that "don't attach your frames directly with the branch" rather use nails to secure these photos.

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Twig glass is an awesome night craft. In order to make this craft, You have to assemble all the branches in a glass pattern and arrange a light right in between the twigs. This craft can be perfect idea for the side table lamps as all the twigs create a shadow craft in all your room.

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Choice of interior is always be a tough decision. Here's a solution. Have you a thick wood branch in your home just spray it and use at the place of towel racks.

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Twig's lamp is ever best use of dry wood. Securely attach the twigs with the wall or the place of your choice and hang electric lamps with this wood branch. This idea can be your favorite for Halloween decorations. 

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Put some dry cones and twigs in a glass jar and hang some antique pieces, your favorite cards or glass ornaments with some of these branches can Spruce up your table decor up-to 100%.

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There is a problem which is faced by every girl and that is 
                                            where to put my jewelry which very unique but I like to use it very often?
Here's a solution to this query and that is a driftwood hanger.

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Rustic decors are always Inn in the interior choice. Attach very thin twigs into a thick wood branch. This craft can be made more interesting by attaching it over the rustic wood plates. 

If you have a bunch of dry wood branches then you have an opportunity to make a crazy craft from it. Just divide the whole bunch into three equal and square parts and spray over it wit your favorite color. Finally attach over a white background or the upper corner of your bed. Have a good sleep! 210steel offer the whole craft in steels patterns.

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Frame lovers will have a striking wood craft in their home after having this idea. You just need three equal parts of a wood branch and four frames. Isn't it look funny but it's a really great idea. Just assemble the equal parts in three frames and keep one frame fully empty or you can put a very little branches into it too. You can spray this whole craft into one color as Ebay or can spike up this craft by using different color patterns.

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If you are an embroidery lover then this idea is for you. Just have a wood rounded frame as used in embroidery. Attach dry twigs within the frame with the help of glue gun. Add colorful tassels beneath the frame and your's twig craft is ready.

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