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Let's discover some unique canvases to paint from home items

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I have no space over my walls to add on a painting or any other artwork. How do I fulfill my art thirst, now?

I have one solution here, have you any other one, please tell me in the comments!

Other than the literal meaning of canvas, a canvas is anything which absorbs our paints. Sometimes, usual canvases are not the best choice for our art pattern or art thirst. Typically, canvas must be a combination of two products, a fabric, and a frame. "The painting is oil on canvas".  Is it necessary to have a canvas of made of only two items?

Well! I think "No". The thing which we can paint, which we can renovate with colors is a canvas and it can be anything.

Genetically I am a painter. I am a girl. I am a single sister. what that all mean? I love art and paint but I don't have enough space at my walls to paste new canvases. I want paints, I want to paint, I want a fresh painting in my home?

Do you have the same problem?

So, What is the solution?

Here I have assembled some creative and really unique items as canvases to pain,  from our home.

let's find them and paint!

  • Wooden Spoon Canvas

Painted, DIY wood spoon

Wooden spoons can be used to paint. Any kind of paint either that is acrylic or oil paint can be used for wood painting. You can make any pattern, art or even scenery to decorate some of the useless wooden spoons from your kitchen and put them at your dining to create some artistic look for the dinners.

  •  Jewelry Box Canvas

Painted jewelry box/storage box

The jewelry box is one the most fascinating part of our makeup room or even for the closet, too, if you don't have a separate makeup room. These jewelry boxes are made of many items but nowadays the most used are made of rustic wood. You can paint their lid or the sides of this box depend upon your choice. 

Any wooden storage box can also be painted in the same pattern.

  •  Painted brushes

Painted wood  and hairy bushes

This a really wonderful idea. The artist has created artistic brushes and the hair are looking like they have been created for these pretty faces only. Aren't they? If you are not an expert in painting you can make if flowers over them and use the brush hair as bushes for your painted flowers and branches. I want to paste these painted brushes at the door of my art gallery.

  •  Fan Canvas 

Painted, DIY fan

Have you see this unique idea ever before.

Many of us have this type of electric items in our home but we usually got stuck when we organize a party in our home. We want to hide these spaces but form now say "No".  These fans and many other such items can be painted for an exclusive look of our interior.

  •  Feather Canvas

Painted, unique DIY feathers

Nowadays, feathers are a very essential part of the art and craft world. These feathers have been using for DIY ornaments and jewelry products. Any kind of paint including watercolor can be used to paint this canvas. You can paint a full scenery over these feathers depending upon their sizes otherwise some unique patterns are more than enough.

  • Fridge Canvas

Painted,DIY painting design for fridge

Fridge doors are always a point of cut and paste for moms in the kitchen. They used to paste many utility bills, weekly plans, and manus over this door diary. In this cut and paste process, many doors lose their exclusive presentation for the kitchen. 

In an open kitchen pattern, the fridge is almost the biggest electric item which makes the whole interior dull and unattractive. For those artistic moms, this is the best idea to include this item in the home interior rather than hiding it.

  • Furniture Canvas

Painted wooden and plastic furniture

Instead of spraying the furniture, make it more presentable by making a beautiful colored pattern or an artistic scenery. The furniture either of wood or plastic can be painted in the same pattern. 

For the plastic furniture, you have to give a good scrub to make the polished surface ready to absorb paint. For this purpose, you can use sandpaper. 

If You are scared about losing the texture of this pasting furniture then use cut and paste method to get the exclusive look. For this purpose, you can use stickers and such stuff. 

  • Wooden  Hooks Canvas

Painted, DIY wooden hooks

Many of us have these hooks in our home attached at the rustic wood. To make them a fine part of the interior, spraying them is not the only option. 

A painting pattern can be made to make these rustic wood hooks more presentable.

  •  Shoebox Canvas

Painted, DIY shoe box

We are using many ideas to save these shoe boxes. Sometimes we wrap them in a beautiful gift wrapping paper or make a craft over it.

But we can make a full scenery or even some rose sketches over them to put them right above the table instead of hiding them underneath.

  • Shoe Canvas

Painted, DIY shoe paint idea

We want to have our closet update according to the trends and latest fashion. Most of our concentration lies over designing the clothes. As we assume that shoes can only be the ready-made ones from the shopping market. 

But now, we can create our DIY design shoes in the matching of our dress. Sometimes, creative shoes go far beautiful with the simplest dress in our closet. If you can paint a little bit then this idea can increase your closet choices.

  • Wood Table Runner Canvas

Painted, DIY wood table runner

Table runners can enhance the overall look of the entire room and its interior. These runners can be DIY painted in contrast with the colors of the walls or floor tiles.

Each part of the runner can be painted in a different rose pattern or you can draw a repeatable pattern over it to create an elegant look.

  • Bed Table Canvas

Painted wooden bed table, breakfast table

The first and most important activity of a day is breakfast. What about if this breakfast has been done at a beautiful art piece. Well! I think it can forward a very pleasant effect on our whole day. 

These bed table can be od wood or fine plastic material. both can be painted and really develop an elegant look of breakfast palate.

  • Twigs and branches Canvas

Painted, DIY twig crafts

I like autumn because it gives lots of crafting material including dry leaves, twigs, and branches.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is red again.

There are lots of craft which can be made from twigs and branches. You can visit twig craft ideas to increase the collection of unique ideas in your genius mind.

More unique ideas for twigs and branches craft has been assembled here: Top 23 ideas of twigs craft

  • Closet Outer Canvas

Painted wood closet outer, DIY Canvas

Nowadays brown polished wood interior is out from the interior of many new societies. Rather white colored furniture is very inn. As it create a very soothing effect on our mind. 

This effect can be multiplied by creating an elegant art pattern at the wood furniture. You can draw some unique patterns including strips and fine lines. As Estelle's has mad this awesome craft.

  • Wall Hangings Canvas

Painted, DIY wooden wall art designs

Any of the wooden wall hanging can be updated to a new art piece. You just need to draw a fine pattern, sketch or a scenery over that wall hanging. 

The wall hangings, have three or more pieces can be changed into abstract art which is nowadays very trendy.

  • Bottles Canvas

really unique Painted bottle idea

Well! this idea is perefect for those who can make a 3D painting as there is an elephant over water bottle made by a real expert. The Handle of the bottle has been made a perfect trunk.

But no problem.

You can create a pattern of stripes and fine lines by using some household items as binding tape or ribbons of different sizes. You can a craft over that bottle and put at the top of your closet as an art piece.


In a short nut, anything which needs a repair or renovation can be a canvas for an artist. The lovers of Art and Craft Ideas used to make anything a creation. We just need some common tools to make this handy craft.

In fact, everyone has a different thought pattern. Someone likes roses, others may like fine patterns, sketches or abstract art. All of us just need a space and a place to create an art piece. Here was the collection of these ideas which you can paint and fulfill your painting thirst.

Good luck with your next project!

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